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Test description - bear with us as the *smoke* clears as we get moved over to DAN.COM as our partner sales team! 😉

👉This PREMIUM DOMAIN is currently priced FAR BELOW APPRAISED VALUE! Appraisals of 8ᵗʰ.ca vary up to $34,000. *This RARE, TINY, PREMIUM domain name could be the perfect fit to brand your budding website or cannabusiness, making your site memorable and easy to find! Experts say '8TH.CA' ("eighth dot ca") is valuable because:

     ▸ it's SHORT! other Extensions of it are TAKEN!

     ▸ Prices subject to change at any time, so act fast!

     ▸ During the first months of this year '' has had exponential increase in traffic: January=15 visitors, February=10, March=186, April=312, May=519, now trending for a year-end total of 800 visits... and we're not even TRYING!

GOOGLE ADSENSE MONTHLY STATISTICS: *[8TH]: Searches=1,000,000; Competition=Low; Impressions=67,496; CTR=6%  Get into the industry now and SMOKE OUT your competition.

👉 TD BANK estimates the Cannabis industry to be worth $8 BILLION per year! According to a recent Statistics Canada report, SEVEN MILLION CANADIANS USE MARIJUANA, consuming a country-wide total of about ONE OUNCE PER SECOND and purchases of Cannabis and related items will exceed $6 BILLION PER YEAR.
👉The Canadian Trademark Office is flooded with applications for Cannabis/Marijuana trademarks, with an average of 8 finalized per day! Hundreds of retailers including SHOPPERS DRUG MART, LOBLAWS and SECOND CUP COFFEE are jumping into the Cannabis industry, and you could be too!

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