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Redecan: Lilac Diesel & Black Cherry Punch

Victoria Day Weekend – 8% off these two new strains!

Just in at Eighth – 1g and 3.5g – Lilac Diesel (sativa-dominant) and Black Cherry Punch (indica-dominant)

Lilac Diesel (sativa-dominant, THC 19-24%)

Lilac Diesel crosses classic genetics like Silver Lemon Haze, Forbidden Fruit, Citral Glue, and NYC Cherry Pie to create a lightly flavoured, yet complex strain. With a terpene profile featuring notes of berries, pine, spice and citrus fruits, this bud has small, dense nugs with lilac undertones and light-purple crystal trichomes.

Black Cherry Punch (indica-dominant, THC 20-26%)

Widely celebrated for its bold cherry, yet light skunky flavour profile. The signature aroma comes from a diverse collection of terpenes, reminiscent of fruit, wood, spice, and pine. With dark green buds, purple specks, and gold trichomes, Black Cherry Punch comes from the classic strains Black Cherry Pie and Purple Punch.